Bespoke Furniture by Ian Cameron-Smith

If you like the style of my work and would be interested in commissioning a piece, please get in touch – I would be more than happy to discuss your requirements.


The projects I have worked on vary widely in scale, from small timber framed mirrors up to a fully operational distillery. Somewhere in between are the items such as dining tables, wardrobes, garden furniture, bookcases and so on. Pictures of a selection of my works can be seen via the Furniture Gallery.

Ian carving wood with the donut


As a student of Interior Design at Glasgow College of Building and Printing, I became very aware of the significance of planning and design in any creative process, and these elements have become central to my working method. My career has spanned more than 30 years and has integrated design at every level, particularly in the manufacture of bespoke interiors, often involving hand crafted timbers. My passion for wood has grown alongside my flair for design and I am devoting more and more of my time to creating individual pieces of furniture.

Ian at the planer

Woodworking Style

My woodworking style has evolved through the years to reflect my appreciation for timber as a totally natural and organic medium with characteristics that deserve to be accentuated rather that eradicated. If there are any quirks in a piece of wood such as burrs, warps or variations in colour, I often prefer to bring these features to the fore and draw attention to them.

Ian doing metalwork with grinder

The contours in many of my pieces follow the profile of the grain and I use the shapes and lines suggested by the timber itself to give a natural, flowing design and feel to these works. Having said that, some of my most recent works are featuring very geometrical elements and this approach also serves to accentuate the strong grains of my preferred timbers, yew and elm, and also spalted beech which has joined my list of favourites. I’m also fond of incorporating glass and metal in my designs, giving a contemporary edge to the pieces.