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Arum Lily (dark version)


Handmade woodblock print of an arum lily – dark version.

Mounted, ready to frame at 10″ x 10″.

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How I made this print

This print is based on a photograph I took of an arum lily (zantedeschia) during a visit to Logan Botanic Garden on 10th June 2022 (I remember this as it’s our wedding anniversary!)

To make the print, the outline for the design is first carved in relief on a flat, smooth block of cherry wood. A total of three carved blocks were used for this design – the outline/detail, or key block, a background block, and a block for the main body of the flower. During printing, the surface of a carved block is inked with water-based colours using either brush or sponge and the impression is taken by placing a piece of paper on the block and pressing on the back of the sheet using a Japanese hand-printing pad called a baren.  For this design, the block for the main body of the flower is inked and printed many times with a range of inks through a variety of stencils in different areas to create the changing colours across the flower. Finally, the key block is dry printed to emboss the lines of detail across the flower, adding a three-dimensional quality to the finished print. A system of registration marks carved into each block at one corner and along an edge are used to position the paper accurately on the block between impressions, and from block to block. In total, the sheet of Japanese paper has been printed on at least 18 times to achieve the variety and depth of colour of the final image.

Every print in the batch is made in the same way, but as each time the block is inked and pressed slightly differently, the result is a succession of seemingly identical but actually unique prints – each and every one of them is an individual, handcrafted and original work of art.

Further Details

Print size is 4″ x 4″ (10cm x 10cm) approx. This print also has a version with a pale background. If you’re a fan of flowers, you may also like Wisteria, Magnolia, or Wild Garlic.

The print comes mounted and ready to frame, with double bevel-cut mount – overall size is 10″ x 10″ (25.5cm x 25.5cm) approx.

I mount the print onto the backing board using photo corners. I also attach an information sheet explaining how the print was made on the reverse.

The print comes packaged in a crystal clear cellophane bag. I send prints in a board-backed envelope by Royal Mail.